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A Jeremiah RPG [Nov. 13th, 2004|04:09 pm]
Nerd TV - for people who watch too much



"We gather here today in a common cause because the desires that unite us are greater than the forces that divide us. We look with awe at the artifacts of the past believing that we will never again know such greatness. But greatness is only a matter of will. It is the end result of patience, determination, direction, strength. And we who have grown up in the shadow of the Big Death have those qualities in abundance. We have made mistakes, but we have learned from them. And what we have learned most is that we cannot entrust our future to those who can only see the past. Tonight we stand together, united for the first time. In the coming days, we will carve out the framework for a new country and a new future. Because if we fail to do so, others will do it for us.

And generations yet unborn will live to regret our failure." - Markus Alexander

Westernalliance is a brand-new journal RPG based on the post-apocalyptic television series Jeremiah and scheduled to open on December 1st. Set after the events of the second (and possibly final) season, the game will strive to create a plausible, canon continuation of the narrative.

All information about the game can be found on the main community's userinfo as well as its accompanying website, westernalliance.info. This includes a brief history of the world, the rules of play, and a character application.

Open Characters
These are major canon characters and desperately needed. Any peripheral or one episode only characters still reasonably assumed alive at the end of the second season are also welcome even though they are not listed below.

Lee Chen
Markus Alexander

Taken Characters
Mister Smith god_says
Kurdy kurdy